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We offer a wide variety of courses to include but not limited to the following:


Rifle 1/Pistol 1

Date: 18 Jan, WA

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What’s covered:

  • Rifle mechanics

  • Pistol mechanics

  • Shooting standing, kneeling & prone

  • Rifle to pistol Transitions


Takeaway’s include but are not limited to:

  • Improved confidence in regards to safety while manipulating both rifle & pistol

  • A better understanding of structuring training for self improvement

  • Setting realistic goals and expectations for individual performance


Intro to Structure Assessment

19-20 October Azusa, CA


What’s Covered:

  • Understanding the basic principles of room clearing

  • Assessing structures to understand the best plan of action to achieve the most desirable outcome

  • Decision making based on size and layout of structure

  • Clearing in small elements such as two man teams


Takeaway’s include but are not limited to:

  • An understanding of:

    • Different types of rooms

    • Breaking down Hallways

    • How to efficiently and safely work in close proximity to teammates in a dynamic environment


Night Vision structure assessment




What’s covered:

  • Administrative tasks under NV (i.e. loading, malfunctions)

  • Night vision set up and maintenance

  • IR laser zeroing

  • Applications of single tube NV vs duals

  • Employment of pistols

  • Combatting excessive artificial light

  • Laser communication

  • Room clearing under NV


Takeaway’s include but are not limited to:

  • Laser location on rifle

  • Constant parallel zero/dot-to-dot zero

  • Which eye? Dominant vs non-dominant

  • Slide mounted red dots

  • Use of white light & iron sights